Accelerate Yourself & Your Life With An Elite Group of Outdoor Adventurers, Wellness Pros, Influencers & Creative Leaders | Join Soul Rockers at Soul Shine Bali! Applications are now open!

One of the top expedition and wellness experiences you can imagine! Adventure tours, data packed workshops, top guides, world class food, wellness, yoga, culture and outdoor connections geared to you. Bring your partner, bring a friend! Limited space to capture and connect back to you!

Create An Unstoppable You With the Wild Adventure Immersion Retreat | The Ultra Fitcation | Find Your Voice | Build Your Tribe | Change the World!

We combine wild adventures, fitness & discovery, and extreme well being with top trainers and influencers. Perfectly designed to rebuild your best self, vitaity, health and goals. We have created an active outdoor adventure that includes, culture, health, wellness, yoga, fitness, meditation, nature, adrenaline adventure, coaching, goal breaking, music and connection. Wheew! All while experiencing private tours and outings through the jungle, temples, and beaches of Bali. #GoLoveWild

Do not become a stranger to yourself by blending in with everyone else. We recognize every adventure and everybody is unique. That's why we've created an itinerary you can flourish in. Come away with us. We create memorable fitcation experiences.

Too many of us are not meeting our true selves. Ready for that bucket list trip? Feel like you're missing your big break? Feeling burnt out, isolated, or stuck? Longing for more wild adventure?

We help you suceed and feel amazing while doing it! Our power packed adventurous luxury itinerary is about a personal quest to accelerate your life!

Looking to connect to other adventurers and wellness enthusiasts? Then you're in the right place. Coming with a partner? Welcome! Solo traveler? No problem. We can pair you with another like minded traveler in world class accommodations!

Join Us in Bali | April 20-27, 2019 | Sat - Sat 

The All-Inclusive Immersion Experience

Aim to Tame (the wild outdoors) This is your invitation to tap into your personal wild, and your physical self in an instinctual way. Whether you are an expert adventurer or total beginner, we have what you are looking for. This essential retreat is curated to push your mental and physical boundaries connecting you to your inner core. 

Our Wild Adventure experience takes care of all the details. Pricing includes beautiful accommodations, in country transfers, all healthy meals, tours, workshops with pros in digital lifestyle creation, influencing, outdoor creation, yoga and wellness, immersive and cultural experiences and our hand picked outdoor activities, all supporting the local community.

Join us in the beautiful jungles and beaches of Bali for a 7 night, 8 day all-inclusive experience. Limted space, book early! You don't want to miss this.

The High Profile Coaches & Retreat Hosts 

Motivational Business Speaker, Author & ExNBA Player - Lance Allred

Teaching Personal Empowerment Coaching, Lethal Teams & Spiritual/Holistic Readings.

Wellness & Yoga Influencer - Cynthia McPhie

Teaching Daily Core Power Yoga, C1, C2 & Yin Yoga.

Therapist, Speaker, Author, Influencer - John Kim

Teaching "Containers" Psuedo Vs. Solid, Unlock Your Code & Attract or Chase Mentality, plus one on one sessions. 

Celebrity Fit Trainer & Nutritionalist - Adrienne Galloway

Teaching Fit4 - Fit (Physical) Fast (Mental) & Flexible (Spiritual) daily fitness sessions and empowerment.

No Crazy Pricing

We've made this cost effective for all walks of life and all levels of experience. Our all inclusive immersion is a collective experience lead and guided by successful business and wellness influencers to create your wildest dreams. Leave behind the urban jungle and travel the beautiful adventures of Bali. Do it for the burn, do it for growth, do it for yourself. We've created a one of kind of experience for this price!

No B.S.

We want to implement practical tips into your everyday world. One's that create a life craving for continued success and deeply affect your life. This is more that a retreat with the same B.S.. This is about design thinking approach and innovation. And yes that happens with physical and mental change. You can be the best version of you, we're just here to speed that up!

No Unrealistic Goals 

Forging relationships with health and outdoor influencers is crucial to getting in touch with your boundaries. Hike, train and engage in outdoor practices to condition you to push your best. If you're looking to connect to your story, this is the place to create success with community, connection, and collaboration. We are giving you our wealth of experience, and real time access, with an immersive and interactive week!


Immerse Yourself in Soul Shine Bali

Located in Ubud, among a tranquil jungle featuring an outdoor pool, rooftop yoga studio and gardens that create herbs and products for the retreat on site. Soul Shine was founded by famous singer and soulrocker Michael Franti as a wellness and adventure oasis. Beautiful private bungalows are booked for our private group, and you can enjoy healhy on site food, soothies, cocktails, spa, wifi, and full amentities at the property. 

 We choose this property to ensure peace and quiet and a private locale, while being close enough to the adventures want. There is plenty around to explore on your after our power packed itinerary and time for your personal down time too. 

To get to Soul Shine you fly into Ubud, near the rice fields, located approximately 45 minutes from the beach, you will experience both the jungle and the ocean. Once booked we will work with you to arrange flights from major cities and airport transfers. All part of the all-inclusive retreat waiting for you.  

Get Ready to Shift Your World | Connect to You

Are you seeking authentic experiences and love to travel? Sick of the same old stuff that seems to stick around in your life like a drug resistant super virus? Time to hit reboot on your life. The outdoors and travel has become Wild Adventure Retreat founder's personal life purpose and passion, along with the experts we work with. Liz has been doing this for a decade and now wants to share it all with you. Join her Wild Adventure Wellness Quest in Bali, and get her free eBook.  

Download the free guide and journey to discover how to do travel you way and create a digital lifestyle that shifts your world. As a yogi, fitness instructor, wellness trainer, health influencer, expedition creator, PR provider, jungle guide, and adrenaline addict, the author, Liz Galloway wanted to create an immersion experiene that she would get excited about, and one that leverages and accelerates the best of you! That's how Wild Adventure Retreats came about. 

What should you do in the meantime? Download the free Digital Nomad Secrets eBook Pages of a Passport on us! See you in Bali!

Adventurous Luxury | Fitness & Discovery

Yes we love being outdoors in the wild yonder, and creating a healthy fit lifestyle. We've turned our passion into a thriving business and authentic wellness brand, that goes beyond the typical. We want to create diversity,and innovation, in our healhy daily schedules. This is not a one size fits all. You don't have to have run a marathon, or be in the wellness industry, or even have a fitness routine. Couchsurfing is a viable option, until you join us for the ultra adventure immersion and fitcation. This is about building a stronger you with an all inclusive wellness stay everyone can enjoy. You cn participate in as much or as little of the schedule as you want. If it burns, you're getting closer, and we burn excuses! Reserve your spot.

Want to bring a friend? Book now and use code BALINOW for $500 off your booking! Secure your spot. Limited space! We can't wait to meet you.

Want More Adventure?

You can book a single of double room, secure dates, and we take care of the rest. 1. Place your deposit. 2. Download our free Digital Nomad eBook as a bonus! 3. Block your calendar and prepare for a master experence and a week like no other. (You can do it all in under 5 minutes!)  

Traveling Solo? Want to bring a friend? Book now and ta $500 off your booking with code BALINOW!


$3690 starting price per person (secure your spot with a $500 deposit) *LIMITED PRICING. 

Private room with 1 person max Queen bed, single daybed, ensuite bathroom and balcony All workshops, events, and activities Roundtrip airfare from major cities | World class meals & health drinks | Jungle & beach play Closing party | Exclusive events & surprises! 

* We can assit you with airfare recommedations

*Place your deposit. Purchase in full or subscribe to monthly billing.


$2690 starting price per person (secure your spot with a $500 deposit) * LIMITED PRICING

Private room with 2 persons max Double twin beds, ensuite bathroom and balcony All workshops, meals, events, and activities Roundtrip airport transportation | World class meals & health drinks | Jungle & beach play | Closing party | Exclusive events & surprises! 

* We can assist you with airfare recommendations

*Place your deposit. Purchase in full or subscribe to monthly billing.

Find Your Super Power

We focus on combining physical and mental activity to raise your self awareness, balance, healthy attitudes and establish challenges that create focus. Our immersive extreme well-being is designed to rebuild your vitality. 

Do it for the burn. Do it for yourself. We will include exercise components that push you, and influencer workshops that will shift you. 

Total Wild Adventure Immersion

Take On the Top Expedition Experience

Be An Influencer & A Wild Child

What Do Retreat Days Look Like?

Here's a sample of an average day, with lots of time to connect and play. We have made sure the trainings, adventure and expertise fits your life acceleration. Your tribe. Your voice. Your health and boundary breaking! It will help you hit the gas pedal and speed up your goals(personal or professional) so you can hit the ground running !

Share Ideas

We are bringing together a bad ass group of adventurers, travelers, experts, influencers and people from all walks of life. This is about sharing your skills, and gaining more. This is beyond the urban safari, we've carefully curated an itinerary of adventure and results. 

Whether you're doing exactly what you want to right now, or you're looking for the next level, it's all about you. This is more than a retreat with the same B.S. This is about design approach and innovation. This is about pushing physical and mental boundaries. Busyness is not a badge of honor. We've all been busy at times but not effective. This is about high achievement in your personal and professional life. Get clear. Target that busy into results. Elevate your life, your way. Create your Alpha Flow!

Is this just for entrepreneurs, influencers or those with a business? Hell no! This is for every body. (and gender) We have a business, and it's adventuring. Collective voices have boundless power and our world needs this now more than ever. 

Take a look inside Bali and it's beauty with a video tour by one of our partners at Sygic Travel!

What's The Investment?

With world class guides, and entrepreneurs at your fingertips, there is massive tangible value in the Wild Adventure Retreat. Along with uncountable intangible value you'll carry with you.  

We know that you are prepared to put in the work and invest in yourself, and it’s important for us to make this training accessible for you so we can help as many people as possible. Want to write it off? Talk to your tax provider. We can provide you with a business receipt. 

Interested in using Sky Hours? Invite people to share in your travel story and goals with Sky Hour! Interested in paying monthly? We offer easy recurring monthly auto billing for travel! Subscribe now for single and double

Get your ALL INCLUSIVE retreat week starting at $2690. Secure your spot for $500 now. Total due 60 days before retreat. 

Meet The Founder

Hey Adventurers, Liz here. I'm an adventure and travel writer, with a lust for adrenaline. I wanted to create a getaway that I would be stoked to join and share. So, I made one with all the things I love, and I want to take you. This is the ultimate digital nomad life, and it's for everyone.

I'm a serial entrepreneur and people connector. I change my hats as a writer, wellness instructor, consultant, outdoor ambassador, outdoor adventure provider, consultant and media PR curator, depending on the day. It's good to have choices. I have a degree in Business & Hospitality and many other certifications, and my life passion and purpose is creating meaning and connection with the outdoors. Making sure that others have the opportunity to immerse themselves and push their boundaries. 

I have worked as a TV host, and been on various radio, TV and podcasts segments for entrepreneurs and business. I've helped others learn to get their brand seen and how to prepare for the public eye. I believe in breaking boundaries and sterotypes and am trained as a survival guide, boat captain and student helicopter pilot. Dreams are limitless. What are yours?

My travel has connected me with people around the world, and I continue to add to my very specific set of skills. Now I advocate for a physcial and mental retreat that breaks through barriers. 

Connect with me. Let's experience a week of combined wellness, fitness, coaching, fun and culture. Across all industries when people reach their purpose, magic happens!  

You can have success, connections, and purpose to your heart's content. You don't have to choose. Have a question?

Ready to Break Boundaries?

You're moments away from changing the dialogue. Invest in you, join us in the adventure.

Limited Space. Don't miss your spot, or the early bird pricing! 

Join Us in Bali | April 20-27 2019 | Sat - Sat 

More on Soul Shine Bali Retreat Center

Join Us in Bali | April 20-27 2019 | Sat - Sat

Want to design your own digital life? Download the free Digital Nomad Secrets eBook: Pages of a Passport on us! See you in Bali!

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