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  • How are people affording work and travel at the same time? 
  • What kind of remote jobs are out there? 
  • How do modern nomads nail these jobs? 
  • What challenges present themselves on the road? 
  • Is this lifestyle sustainable?


  • Useful tips and insider information. How to support your new lifestyle design.
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Hi, I'm Liz. I wear a lot of hats. They all serve a bigger purpose - to equip me with the tools to give back and help me be the best storyteller I can be, and pursue the wild and free lifestyle of a digital nomad.  

I'm in love with how words and communication can change and affect lives. Words can captivate an audience, shape opinions and make a difference. I want to continue a journey similar to those authors and journalists I respect that address key topics and inspire me to continue to improve. I also pursue images in photojournalism to evoke a sense in a story paired with words.  

No two people are alike. No two stories are alike. That in part is the purpose behind my writing, and sharing my digital lifestyle. After a decade of being in the travel world, truly connecting people with an adventure lifestyle became my passion. Now I want to share that with you! People believe the world should look to others as it does to them. In reality, we see the world as we are. Let's meet in the space in between.  

Let's connect. Get your copy and start asking some questions. Want to join me on the ultimate Wild Adventure Immersion Retreat in Bali? Submit to our contest to win a week long luxury adventure package with adventurers, influencers and people from around the world - and share with your friends. Want to get in touch?